Generac 6439 11,000 Watt Air-Cooled Steel Enclosure Liquid Propane/Natural Gas Powered Standby Generator Review

Generac 6439 Guardian 11kW Standby Generator via Amazon

Guardian Series Generac 6439 Standby Generator

Guardian series Generac 6439 is an air cooled natural gas and liquid propane powered standby generator with 11,000 watts of superior quality standby power capacity with the use of skewed stators and revolving magnetic field in case of a utility outage in your house and it will be in action within just seconds if you also use an auto transfer switch, in which case your intervention will not be needed as the switch will sense the power loss so you will be protected day and night, 24 hours and 7 days a week from power outages even if you’re not at home. It is ideal for residential use- capable of backing up a 3-ton air conditioner and works in low natural gas pressure areas just fine.

Generac 6439 weighs 407 pounds and measures 48 x 25 x 29 inches, has a nice design and appearance with an all steel enclosure that would fit nicely into wherever you put it. The noise level is 63db, which is less than a lot of central air con units, comes with GH-530, the special industrial electronic-ignition engine that is specifically created for generator use to offer up to 18 horse power by working at 3600rpm rotating speed. Routine maintenance- plug, filter and oil require to be changed after 2 years or 200 hours only so it works efficiently longer in case of longer electric outages. 11 kilowatts of power can be produced when the generator is running on LP gas and 10 kilowatt power on natural gas as it is shipped as able to run on natural gas but no dramas if you want to use it with liquid propane- LP gas as it will be transformed easily and conveniently during the installation- the unit is very easy to set-up. Better performance and longer service is provided by the spiny-lok enhanced rigidity of cylinder and the totally pressurised oil system.

It has the Evolution Controller that acts like the brain of the system and coordinates with the auto transfer switch, what it does is it watches the power service in the house and if that goes below a certain level or cuts off, turns the generator on and the transfer switch moves the whole house onto electric service generated by the generator. And the service- speed of the ignition engine and voltage offered is monitored to ensure it is the proper utility grade so that your  home appliances or electronics devices like computers do not get damaged. The reverse of ‘starting the generator’ happens when the electric service comes back, it turns the generator off but before that runs it briefly for an adequate cool-down. Battery charge level is kept stable by the smart battery charger and you are notified in case of failures. The start can be delayed after the utility outage for 2 to 1500 seconds- programmed so that the generator doesn’t start in very temporary outages. You can select the quiet test runs to be every week, fortnight or month and it will do the exercise test for a quick twelve minutes.

Guardian Series Generac 6439 Standby GeneratorBetter surge capacity of the Generac 6439 helps motors of units like air conditioners start with the instant boost of power. You’ll find enhanced fault detection feature along with reporting and alerts for maintenance as well as the optional basic and advanced wireless monitors and Mobile Link to let you know via sms messages and even gives you the ability to access the control panel of the generator from your smart phone, tablet or laptop wherever there is internet connection. The all steel enclosure helps prevent rust and oxidation and it meets the standards for fire protection and is ideal for operating your sensitive electronic devices smoothly and safely- has the UL, CUL and EPA safety compliance. It operates with either liquid propane or natural gas and no manual start or fuelling is required and there are no extension cords- no buttons to push and no cords to plug in. It comes with a 2 year limited warranty by the manufacturer and customer support via the call centre in Wisconsin for 24 hours and 7 days a week throughout the year as the power outages don’t normally occur during the regular business hours.

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