Samsung MX-JS9500 4000 Watts GIGA Sound System Review

Samsung MX-JS9500 4000 Watts GIGA Sound System with 18-inch Woofer and Beat Lighting Effects

Samsung MX-JS9500 4000 Watts GIGA Sound System

The Samsung MX-JS9500 4000 Watts GIGA Sound System offers a number of different features for those who want to enhance their home entertainment experience. This 4000W Giga Sound System is capable of high-speed CD ripping and recording. Those who choose to use this sound system for karaoke purposes will find that it has two microphone inputs.

There is a large 18” subwoofer that comes with this sound system, producing high decibel levels that are equivalent to that of a helicopter. The 25 LED DJ Beat lighting effects and Party Drum uploads create impressive an impressive audio and visual environment. Built-in Bluetooth allows for audio streaming, and it can be controlled with a mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone. All that is required to use Bluetooth with this sound system is the Bluetooth Giga app. The Party Drum that comes with this sound system allows you to add your own beats and tracks as well as playlists. The DJ Beat Effect feature can add a lot to a party as well, allowing the person who controls to music to add their own sound effects to enhance it.

Reviews by customers that purchased the new Samsung MX-JS9500 appear to be mostly positive from what we can tell. They tend to comment mainly on its Bluetooth capabilities as well as the sheer sound quality, which is often described as being completely loud, clear and flawless. Its mobile design is yet another function that many people seem to like, as it makes taking it just about anywhere very easy and hassle-free. Those who like to do karaoke a lot or just want a solid sound system for large parties will find that this one is worth looking into because of all the different modern features it offers. The Beat Lighting is definitely a feature that can add a lot to a party atmosphere, which is something that most sound systems do not offer. The ability to control this sound system with a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet is something else that makes it great for those who host parties and want the ability to change sounds from anywhere in the area. 

Samsung MX-JS9500 4000W GIGA Sound System

Overall, the Samsung MX-JS9500 is certainly one of the better sound systems available on the market right now. While it may not be incredibly effective in extremely large open areas, it is still very well-suited for most party environments. Speakers and amplifier are beautifully designed and high capacity, with speakers weighing more than 110 pounds each but include solid wheels that you can lock. Whether you just want to play music at home or do karaoke with friends, this is a sound system that has quite a bit to offer, producing great quality- loud and immersive sound with impressive bass.

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