Funlux 8CH 960H Network DVR 8 600TVL Outdoor Metal CCTV IR Surveillance Camera System KS-C88ZCH-5G Review

Funlux KS-C88ZCH-5G Surveillance Camera System via Amazon

Funlux KS-C88ZCH-5G.. 8CH 960H Network DVR 8 600TVL Outdoor Metal CCTV IR Surveillance Camera System

Funlux KS-C88ZCH is an affordable 8 channel 960H CCTV IR surveillance camera system with 8 x 600TVL high resolution indoor and outdoor cameras with night vision, 3.6mm wide angle lenses able to capture 70 degrees horizontal view and with half a TB storage, so it is a complete security package that can be easily controlled via your tablet, computer or smart phone with the very simple mobile phone access, convenient email alerts and push notifications activated by motion, giving you peace of mind 24 hours and 7 days a week away from your home and wherever you may be.

Funlux Security System blends nicely with the surroundings at night thanks to the black housing of the dome cameras that offer functionality and versatility- able to cover blind spots and different angles as you are given the flexibility to use either the silver bullet cameras or the black dome cameras (all 8 cameras are night vision and weather proof in IP 65 aluminium metal to be used both indoors and outdoors) and despite being low cost, company seems to have managed to move the camera resolution up to 600TLV. The Digital Video Recorder comes with a trouble-free QR code connection so it can be easily installed by anyone quickly for remote access, all they need to do is hook up the unit to a monitor and the cameras provided, then to a wireless router, download the Zsight app, scan the QR code and voila, enable the push alerts so you will be informed of any activity your camera captures. The DVR provided will be one of the two types according to stock availability but they are pretty much the same units in terms of functionality and features, the only thing that is different is the way they look.

 Funlux 8CH 960H Network DVR Security SystemJust because Funlux is a low cost system it certainly doesn’t mean that you’ll get low picture quality, the images offered are very sharp, clear and detailed at 960H resolution which is new for DVR’s and cameras and is about 34% more than the D1 resolution (600 TVL means 600 TV lines of resolution) and offers realistic widescreen images and the widescreen televisions and monitors are filled without the image quality being affected and with digital zoom you can zoom in your videos- recorded or live to have a better look at what’s going on. Recording is done in two different modes: Normal mode and intelligent mode with intelligent simply meaning the way the storage space is managed so that the device will utilise just the area needed by monitoring motion. You can view everything on any HDTV or monitor- and multiple monitors via the HDMI port but you need to get the HDMI cable separately. Night vision feature works perfectly on this unit by bullet cameras seeing up to 50 feet and dome cameras up to 80 feet and you will be able to record in total darkness but naturally night vision is not as clear as the day vision (not clear enough to recognise face in the dark) but you can still see what’s going on. Picture quality is decent overall although not like Full HD and cameras seem to cover a lot more area than normal with the wide angle lenses and the fact that you can view from anywhere on your smart phone or PC by downloading the Zsight app is great, considering how affordable this whole system is- great value indeed!

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