Foscam FI9928P Outdoor Wireless 2.0 Megapixel Pan & Tilt IP Camera Review

Foscam FI9928P Outdoor Wireless 2.0MP & Tilt IP Camera

Foscam FI9928P Outdoor Wireless 2.0 Megapixel Pan & Tilt IP Camera

The FI9928P is the latest high-end wireless outdoor surveillance dome camera by Foscam with brand new premium features like 4 times optical zoom and 6 times digital zoom while keeping the FHD 1080p picture quality, 2 megapixels of picture quality, pan and tilt zoom capability, WDR for enhanced image under different lighting, Sony CMOS and Starvis low light color Night Vision. This is basically the enhanced night vision with two options of IR blasters for when it is totally dark with no light around or the regular Night Vision in color when there is even small light somewhere and the IR range is specified as up to 196 feet. It is easy to install with the screws, line cable isolator, CD with drivers and installation manual. As soon as you take the Foscam out of the box and hold it in your hand, first thing you will notice is the weight, as it is a heavy duty unit that weighs 4.1 pounds, which is a lot for a security camera, is not cheap and flimsy feeling at all and measures 9.2 x 5.4 x 8.2 inches.

It is water and weather proof and detects motion and sends you alerts automatically and there is also a micro card slot for external storage. Foscam seems to have put quite a few powerful features and great quality components into this great surveillance camera. There are 9 layers of lens protection, a lot of metal on the camera except for the wireless antenna and it supports the 802.11bgn WiFi. You can pan up to 355 degrees and tilt up to 90 degrees (ultra wide pan and tilt rotation) from your smartphone so you get to see more of that area. You need to download the Foscam app on your Android or iOS phone and view the area remotely after scanning the quick QR code. You will see the front tray to insert the external microSD card of up to 128GB so you need to unscrew the two screws by the tool included in the box so you get to the microSD slot and the reset button, unlike with some other cameras where you needed to open the cam and void the warranty and that is certainly not the case here. You will see the special stickers that show you where to drill holes on the camera as well.

Foscam FI9928P Outdoor Wireless 2.0 MP Pan and Tilt IP Cam

You have the zoom in/zoom out, mirror/flip functions, and the focus function is very sensitive and you have a lot of control over the focus (you can change the focus in very small increments) or you can set it to autofocus and the camera overall is easy to control. The quality, clarity, contrast and the colors are great in the picture, during the day or night, with the infrared lamps’ grouping of 4+2 for sharper and clearer picture at up to 196 feet distance with narrow and wide viewing angles. It even comes with an external microphone and a speaker for a great two-way audio. In the box you’ll find the Foscam FI9928P camera, storage and aftersales service cards, warranty card for a two year warranty by Foscam, an ethernet cable, waterproof ethernet connectors, a wireless antenna, the power adapter, a quick installation guide, the CD with drivers, a hexagon screwdriver and the expansion screws. One bad thing about the camera is it is kind of expensive but you are getting a very good quality and heavy duty unit with some impressive premium features for the best Full HD sharp and crystal clear picture quality and great video coverage.

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