Falcon Zero F170 Car DVR Dashcam Full HD with GPS Review

Falcon Zero F170 Car DVR Dashcam via Amazon

Falcon Zero F170 Car DVR Dashcam

Falcon Zero F170 is a modern car DVR- digital video recorder / dashboard camcorder with a 2.7 inch LCD screen, FHD 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution image quality at 30 frames per second and 170 degree very wide angle. It includes GPS Route Tracking in Google Maps, G-Sensor, wide dynamic range- WDR enhanced quality night mode and by f1.6 Six-Glass multi layer lenses and comes with a 32gb Class 10 UHS1 micro SD Card (up to 64GB is supported). So you’ll find the Falcon F170 DRV, USB cord, a 10 feet power cord, 32GB SD card and a dual USB car charger, a GPS software and a nicely detailed user manual in the box. It is offered with a 12 month manufacturers warranty in USA as well as customer product support for the life of the unit.

Wide dynamic range is similar to a HDR technology in cameras and means it can save much better scene details including highlights and shadows more than average. It will run automatically without you having to touch a button thanks to the non-stop loop recording feature and automatic on and off- when the vehicle powers on, the F170 does too and when your vehicle is turned off, the F170 turns off automatically but if it senses any impact or vibration it will turn back on even when the car is off, for parking security. Loop recording is performed in 3, 5 or 10 minute loops and you may choose to lock these clips if you don’t want them recorded over. With the motion sensor feature the DVR can be set to record when it senses motion at up to 30 feet distance and continue till the motion ends.

Falcon Zero F170 Car DVR Dashcam with GPSYou’ll find the Falcon Zero Player software pre-installed so you may view the speed/route and location- coordinates of your car with the GPS navigation data saved into video clips so this is not about just being able to see the footage. G-sensor is like an accelerometer and measures the movements and acceleration- it detects the accidents automatically and also has the lock button for emergency situations. You can switch off the G-sensor feature if you wish as it is an adjustable setting. Majority of other digital video recorders are fixed when the Falcon Zero F170 can be turned to any direction with the swivel ball joint mount so it is totally adjustable, allowing the unit to record at many different angles, so you can save pretty much anything no matter what happens, for example when you’re dealing with a tailgater or if getting pulled over.

With the Falcon Zero F170 you get to record everything in TrueHD 1080p resolution which is the best quality you can have and you will even see the license plates clearly on the recording- no blurriness like on many other DVRs on the market. You can also put in your license plate number of the vehicle this DVR unit is in, with the plate log feature. It has an HDMI 1.3 output so you can view your footage on your HDTV by connecting the F170 to the TV. You can also take 12 megapixel Ultra HD still photos to use with your footage for the damage to be assessed by the insurance company. It is built to continue functioning as per normal in extremely hot conditions thanks to the superior solid build quality (and no cheap plastics on the dashboard camera) so it won’t stop working in the sun like some other units do. It is a very easy to use great quality, premium feeling and impressive dashcam that offers superior picture quality, a variety of useful functions and offering consistency and reliability at a very reasonable price.

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