Epson VS230 SVGA 3LCD Projector Review

Epson VS230 SVGA Projector with 2800 color and white lumens via Amazon

Epson VS230 SVGA 3LCD Projector

Epson VS230 projector provides vital enterprise functions with a really reasonable price tag. In a compact package and style, quick and effortless installation, this flexible machine should get you ready to go very quickly, no matter if you’re promoting stuff in the meeting area or anywhere. Giving three times more brilliant colors than projectors in its class, the VS230 projector guarantees brilliant and convincing demonstrations.

Epson VS230 provides wonderful picture standard, as well as 2800 lumens of both white brightness and color luminance. It also contains the Quick Installation Package using HDMI network, quick slide keystone modification, even more, to get the unique standard of versatility and efficiency. Regardless of the location your appointments take you, you are going to be prepared with this awesome projector.

Quick picture controls.. It doesn’t matter where you put the projector, you will continue picking up a properly balanced picture with instant upright modification plus quick slide lateral picture correction.

Epson VS230 SVGA 3LCD Projector

With HDMI connection, you achieve both sound and amazing high definition video using a single HDMI cable. Suitable for the most recent notebooks, media players and Blu-ray devices.

This specific model comes with a variety of impressive functions which guarantee versatile positioning in addition to quick, simple installation.

You have the rapid and intelligent settings like ‘Sleep Mode’ to stop the demonstration without having to turn off the device, ‘Instant Off’ to immediately shut down the projector, wrap things up and leave and ‘Direct Power Off/On’ setting to manage it just with the touch of a button.

USB Plug ‘n Play quick installation feature ensures you can quickly present your content by using the cable that comes in the package. See the projected demonstration on the display and the PC at the same time.

To get the outstanding picture standard, the increased color luminance is a must and VS230 SVGA projector offers three times more vivid colors than top rated projectors in its class. Providing 2800 lumens of white and color brightness, the VS230 employs 3LCD, 3-chip concept to offer amazing pictures with very realistic colors. SVGA resolution feature (which is vital for any presentation) also contributes to the superb picture quality.

Conclusion: When it comes to projectors, Epson has to be one of the best and most trusted in the market and the EPSON VS230 is not one of those very costly projectors but nonetheless offers great performance and has a contemporary stylish look. It is an improved version of the VS220 model with 100 extra lumens and cheaper replacement lamps. It will basically turn your room into a compact movie theater. It weighs only about 8 lbs and has the dimensions of 13.3 x 14.4 x 6.1 inches.

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