Ensue 94020 Bottom Loading Instant Hot Cold Water Cooler Dispenser Review

Ensue Bottom Loading Hot Cold Water Dispenser, 94020

Black Ensue 94020 is a modern water cooler and dispenser that delivers hot, cold and room temperature water instantly, whenever you want. This is a bottom loading type unit that you can fit in 3 or 5 gallons of water bottles. You have two color options of black and white, whichever you fancy or you think would fit your surroundings. It is ideal for use at home, office or anywhere you may need very cold or boiling water instantly.

Cold water is quite cold at 4 degrees Celcius for you to have on those hot summer days or use for making nice refreshing beverages. And if you press the hot water button you will get almost boiling water at 98 degrees Celcius for making coffee, tea, hot chocolate, instant soup or porridge. As the cold or hot water that is dispensed by the Ensue Water Cooler is pure, smooth and tasty, your drink or meal will also taste better.

You just put the 3 or 5 gallons of water in the bottom section of the unit and close the lid. So you will not be doing any heavy lifting and there will not be any water bottle out in the open. As you will not be flipping any heavy bottles into the water cooler as in the case of top loading units, there won’t be any spilling or mess either. Installation is very easy with no plumbing needed.

Ensue Instant Hot Cold Water Dispenser

You won’t need to keep any ice or water bottles in your fridge, especially if you are short on space. You also will not need to wait for the water to heat in your kettle, on the stove or in the microwave. There is also the child security feature built into the push button for the hot water so your kids don’t burn themselves by accident. It measures 13.8 x 12 x 41 inches overall and has a 22-inch door height.

It is built for North American electrical standards and needs 110 Volts of voltage to operate. Anything that comes in touch with water is free of BPA material and it holds the UL Safety certification, so you can have a peace of mind. It is not only very easy to operate but is also a solid product that is built with good quality components. It includes a high grade stainless steel water reservoir (no bacteria growth) and a very modern 2.0 compressor that is durable, powerful and energy-efficient. It is a great value, functional and versatile product that you can use at home or office with a peace of mind.

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