Della Countertop Electric Ice Maker 048-GM-48224 Review

Della Countertop Ice Maker 048-GM-48224 

DELLA Ice Maker Electric Machine Countertop 048-GM-48224

White DELLA 048-GM-48224 is a modern and compact, countertop electric ice maker that makes ice cubes fast with a capacity of up to 26lbs of ice per day so you have a pretty steady ice supply. It will save you a lot of time and money over time by not making you not going into the shops to get ice and paying for it and is easy to operate through the touch buttons on the digital control panel. It is suitable for use in smaller flats, smaller kitchens, RVs, dorms, backyard, offices or anywhere you wish to use it especially when you have a mini fridge with no space for ice making as it is fairly compact and portable with a 26 pound weight and measurements of 13H x 10W x 14.5D inches so you can put it on your mini fridge as it also has a nice modern design and looks good in white and has a transparent window so you can see and monitor the ice making process and check the level of ice. You will be notified when the unit is close to running out of water or when it reaches the maximum ice capacity (when bucket is full or when you need more water).

DELLA Ice Maker Electric Countertop 048-GM-48224

Della Ice Maker is simple to set up and use as all you do is take it out of its box and plug it in, operation is easy and pretty self-explanatory, or you can follow the instructions and let it stay in stand-by mode for half an hour. You may want to run it a couple of times to make ice and throw them in the sink just to make sure you have your ice all nice and clean. You have the red power button on the right, Ice Full, Add Water and Work indicators to help you out. You fill it water in the bottom section where the ice basket is located. It makes only one size (1.125 x 0.375 inches) cylindirical bullet shaped ice without the large, medium or small options like you may get in other models but the ice size seems to be at the ideal size and shape and is reported to taste nice- nothing plasticky or off. It works quietly with only a light humming when the fan is running and will certainly not disturb you or interrupt your conversation. It will make ice in just about 6-7 seconds depending on how warm or cold your ice is and that’s the with one of the customers that said they made ice in 12 seconds. Della Ice Maker is UL, CSA and ETL certified product which means it is perfectly safe to use and seems to offer quite a bit for how much it costs. You will get the white ice maker, scoop and the user guide in the box and it is often shipped fast via

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