Dell XPS13-9343 Touchscreen Ultrabook 2015 Model Review

2015 Newest Model Dell XPS13 Touch Ultrabook via Amazon

Dell XPS 13-9343 Touchscreen Ultrabook

Dell XPS13-9343 is the latest light and compact touchscreen 13.3 inch ultrabook promoted as the first infinity display of QHD+ 3200 x 1800 pixel resolution due to its almost zero bezel design, amazingly clear touch display, very solid build quality and the latest generation Broadwell ultra low voltage Intel i5 processor along with a decent amount of fast flash drive rather than regular slower HDD. So the 2015 model Dell XPS13 comes with the 5th generation dual core Intel i5-5200U processor at 2.2GHz speed that is dynamically moved up to 2.7GHz by Intel Turbo Boost, 8GB DDR3L SDRAM, 256GB Solid State Drive and Windows 8.1 64-bit operating system that you will be able to swap with Windows 10 in Summer or Autumn of 2015 (expected release times). The model we’re reviewing on this page is the glossy touch display model with the higher resolution, you can of course choose the cheaper Full HD. Please continue reading if you’re on the market for something light, compact (as big as an 11 inch Macbook Air but with a 13.3 inch infinity display), durable, fast, powerful and beautiful.

Gorgeous 13.3 inch QHD+ WLED-backlit touchscreen glossy IPS display with 3200 x 1800 pixel resolution offers greater contrast and vibrant colours and can be viewed comfortably outdoors in sunlight, as well as very large 178 degree viewing angles is very responsive to touch and the graphics card Intel HD 5500 is quite all right for daily multimedia tasks as it outperforms both the previous generation Intel HD 4400 and 5000. Premium industrial design aluminium Silver Dell XPS 13 with soft touch carbon fiber weighs only 2.8 lbs, measures 11.80 x 7.80 x 0.40 inches- is super compact, thin and lightweight and very portable but with a very robust build with a sturdy hinge and an amazing battery life of up to 12 hours (expect 8 to 10 hours and up in practice- depending on what you do and the non-touch model offers up to 15 hours battery life in theory) and has a 5 LEDs battery indicator on the side, backlit keyboard (with off, medium and high settings) has well spaced out keys that are responsive and springy and the good size trackpad is accurate. Location of webcam on the left bottom of the screen is unusual as this ultrabook has extremely thin bezels (almost bezel-less) and it comes with the 802.11ac wireless for better wireless performance, Bluetooth 4.0, a DispayPort output through which you can add HDMI, Ethernet and VGA ports (for just HDMI you can get an adapter), a full size SD card slot and 2 x USB 3.0 ports.

2015 Model Newest Infinity Dell XPS-13 UltrabookConclusion: Dell XPS13-9343 Ultrabook is quite a special machine and its Broadwell Intel i5 CPU, large memory and SSD combination makes it a very fast and powerful computer with a very impressive battery life and great comfy full backlit keyboard/touchpad. It doesn’t come with any pre-installed bloatware that you need to uninstall, runs quietly as fan won’t work at all when just browsing the internet but will kick in if you use it at high performance power setting and the vents are located at the bottom so try not to obstruct them with your pillow or sheets, sound is as loud and clear as can be from such a compact and slim machine and has really good wireless reception. On the other hand Dell XPS 13 comes with minimal flaws like slower charging, dim display, low placed webcam which would show your fingers when you’re typing when live chatting on Skype and RAM is not upgradeable but we’d assume 8GB would be plenty for majority of computer users so if you need portability and long battery life of a powerful system- a 13.3 inch ultrabook fit in a metal chassis as big as of an 11.6 inch unit (you have a full sized laptop in a very small case) that boots up very quickly and runs pretty much anything smoothly. Just don’t expect it to be a high end gaming machine as it doesn’t come with a mid-range and above dedicated graphics card but you will not have any problems with games like Half Life 2 or World of Warcraft, and if not go for a gaming computer if you are a 3D gamer. Overall It is a really nicely designed computer with great functionality and performance and robust build quality- so solid that someone actually commented that you could possibly hurt someone with this and it is true.

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