Camcamp Solar Wireless, 2K Solar Outdoor Home Security Camera System, SC04TTH Review

Camcamp Solar Wireless, 2K Solar Security Outdoor Home Security System

Camcamp Solar Home Security Camera System Wireless, 2K Solar Camera Security Outdoor, HDMI Output, PIR Human Detection, 2-Way Audio, Night Vision, IP65

Home security is a key issue for many homeowners these days. The Camcamp Solar Home Protection Camera System Wireless is a comprehensive solution that blends advanced technology with ease of use, making it an appealing alternative for anyone looking to improve the protection of their property. This product review will look into the Camcamp Solar Home Security Camera System Wireless’s features, benefits, and user experiences.

Overview of the Camcamp  

The Camcamp Solar Home Security Camera System Wireless is an innovative surveillance system developed to provide homeowners peace of mind. The solar-powered functionality, wireless connectivity, high-resolution video quality, intelligent motion detection, two-way audio, night vision, and user-friendly mobile app distinguish this system.

Wire-Free & Solar Powered

The Camcamp Solar Home Security Camera System’s wire-free and solar-powered design is one of its most notable features. This eliminates the need for power and network cords during installation. Users may easily put the cameras in preferred areas without having to worry about power outlet limits. The system comprises a 2W solar panel and a built-in 6700mAh rechargeable battery, ensuring continuous power supply and eliminating battery depletion worries.

High-Quality 2K Video

The security system has a 3MP resolution (2048x1536P), which provides high-definition video quality for precise surveillance. The 120-degree wide-angle vision ensures complete coverage of the monitored area, eliminating blind spots and increasing security.

Night Vision

The cameras, which come with six infrared LED lights, offer crisp black-and-white night vision. When the ambient light level drops, the cameras automatically transition to night vision mode, allowing them to capture critical footage even in low-light settings.

Intelligent PIR Motion Detection

The Camcamp Solar Home Security Camera mechanism is equipped with a sophisticated PIR (Passive Infrared) motion-detecting mechanism. This technology detects mammalian heat signatures and temperatures exceeding 86°F (30°C) with high accuracy, eliminating false alarms caused by non-human motion. When motion is detected, users’ cell phones automatically record video, ensuring that any unexpected action is captured as soon as possible.

Two-Way Audio

The built-in noise-cancelling microphone and speaker allow for two-way audio communication. The smartphone app allows users to speak in real time with family members, visitors, delivery employees, or prospective intruders, boosting security and convenience.

HDMI Output & Base Station

The addition of HDMI output compatibility is a huge advance in the current edition of this security system. Users can utilise the included HDMI cable and wired mouse to connect the base station to a display device. This function enables high-definition video playback, which makes reviewing material easier. The base station ensures robust and stable signal transmission, which prevents signal loss and ensures seamless connectivity between cameras and user devices.

Easy Setup with CloudEye 365 App

The installation procedure is simple and straightforward. The cameras are pre-paired with the base station, making installation easier. Users must first download the “CloudEye 365” software, then scan the QR code on the base station to begin remotely monitoring their property. The app also allows you to save photos and movies on  a maximum of 128GB Micro SD card which is not included in the package, offering you flexibility in storage.

Weatherproof Design

The IP65 waterproof rating of the Camcamp Solar Home Security Camera System ensures its longevity and dependability in outside conditions. The cameras can resist a variety of weather conditions, making them appropriate for usage all year.

User Reviews and Experiences

The Camcamp Solar Home Security Camera System has received generally excellent user comments, noting its ease of installation, dependable performance, and useful features. Customers like the wireless, solar-powered solution because it avoids the need for frequent battery replacement and cumbersome wiring. Many users laud the video’s quality, both during the day and at night, emphasising that it captures clear details and creates a sense of security.

The two-way audio capability, which allows homeowners to speak with visitors or discourage possible burglars, is also well-received. Users like the motion detection system, with many praising its low false alarm rate thanks to clever PIR technology. The current version’s addition of HDMI output has also been well appreciated, as it improves the capacity to review footage on larger displays.

Some users have noticed issues, such as how the distance between the cameras and the base station affects signal quality and connectivity. A few users experienced issues with motion detecting sensitivity, implying that this setting may need to be fine-tuned to reduce false alarms. Furthermore, the camera mounts’ construction has gotten mixed reviews, with some users citing restrictions in altering the camera’s placement.


For homeowners looking for a comprehensive and convenient security system, the Camcamp Solar Home Security Camera System Wireless is an appealing option. Its wire-free and solar-powered architecture, as well as capabilities like as high-quality video, night vision, two-way audio, and sophisticated motion detection, make it a powerful challenger in the home security industry. The addition of HDMI output and a user-friendly mobile app add to its total value and usability.

While the system has received great comments for its functionality and features, prospective customers should keep the distance between the cameras and the base station in mind for maximum signal strength. In order to reach the desired level of accuracy, motion detection settings and camera location may need to be fine-tuned.

As the home security and technology industries grow, the Camcamp Solar Home Security Camera System Wireless offers a promising solution to fulfil the security needs of homeowners, giving them with the resources to effectively monitor and safeguard their property.

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