Blink Smart Home HD Monitor & Alert System, 100% Wire-Free – 5 Cameras Review

Blink Smart Home HD Monitor & Alert System via Amazon

Blink Smart Home HD Monitor & Alert System wireless

Blink is the first 100% wireless smart high definition, battery powered, innovative and stylish home monitor and alert system with five cameras included at a very reasonable price for what it is. All of the five cameras are totally wireless and they work with two AA lithium batteries with a whole year battery life with the unique and innovative technology. Video the system captures is HD quality with 720p resolution and has an integrated temperature sensor and sound and motion detector that is triggered with real motion and creates and delivers and short video clip for up to ten seconds- instant home insight and sends to your tablet or smart phone. It is very simple to set up within less than ten minutes with mounting kit and clear instructions included and with the streaming Live View and its own dedicated Blink app for Android and iOS and with the Cloud storage provided you don’t have to get into a contract or pay monthly fees. Because of the way it is set up and the way you can move and place wherever you want it is suitable for businesses and homes- apartments or houses, home owners and tenants, you can use it in garage, in your entrance door- front yard, windows or use it for watching over your kids rooms or elderly parents when you’re at work. Blink is easily expandable as it lets you add more cameras and you’ll be able to cover your whole house or office at a much lower price than other home monitoring devices on the market.

Blink Smart Home HD Monitor and Alert System, Wire-Free - 5 Cameras

And the fact that you do not have to pay any ongoing fees makes it even more economical to use, and on top of that there is no electricity use as the system is totally wireless and the batteries are included and will last you quite a while. In the box you will get 5 x Blink cameras, 5 x Mounting Kits and a Sync Module (conversion is wireless and there is an Ethernet port as well) and the cloud storage included is free of charge for up to two hours of footage. The way Night Vision feature works is it is not a proper Night Vision of certain high end cameras but it triggers an internal in-camera LED light and that does a good job of illuminating the area in the dark. Blink app is only for mobile Android and iOS devices and does not work with desktop apps but works quite efficiently without dramas, motion detection that is connected to the Blink app also works well, there is no email notification when motion is detected, night vision is OK and how you place the cameras will affect the night image quality, app reports temperature but not humidity, the batteries last up to a whole year, image quality is quite good, has a robust mounting system, cameras are compact and there is room for growth and updates in the future so the company should be updating the features by time but at the moment it is a low-cost solution (think per camera cost) for simple use with a simple app, cameras are not obtrusive and look clean, pretty and modern. Overall it is a great functional system for the price level but there is room for growth and upgrades and we hope to see them in the near future.

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