BLACK+DECKER CM6000B Cafe Select Dual Brew Coffeemaker and CM6000BDM Review

BLACK+DECKER Cafe Select Dual Brew Coffeemaker via Amazon

BLACK+DECKER CM6000B Cafe Select Dual Brew Coffeemaker

Black and Decker CM6000B Cafe Select is the 2015 release very versatile combo coffee maker in black colour (also offered in silver under the model name CM6000BDM) and although it is a budget priced coffee machine, comes with some great user friendly features such as the “Evenstream Showerhead Technology” and “Pressurised Pod Extraction” technology that lets you get great tasting coffee quickly from ground coffee in small reusable filter or your standard K-cup pods (K-Cup being the registered trademark of Keurig Green Mountain) unless those expensive pod coffee machines that work only with specific type coffee pods; “Full Carafe Auto Drip Brewer” for making as many as twelve cups of coffee in carafe with the flexibility of using your favorite ground coffee or even a cone-shaped filter and the carafe is the non-drip “Perfect Pour” variety; two strength selections of “Regular” and “Robusta” and six mug size selections of 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, or 20 ounces with the single touch illuminated buttons; Auto Clean Alert to let you know you need to clean the unit, with 20 oz. and Robusto buttons flashing after 120 brews so that it stays in good condition longer; little brew basket is good for brewing ground coffee into different mugs; non-stick hot plate to keep your coffee warm and fresh for at least another couple of hours.

BLACK+DECKER CM6000B Cafe Select CM6000BDM Dual Brew Coffeemaker

Black and Decker Cafe Select has a 60 oz water tank that allows you to do several coffee brews before you actually start refilling the reservoir- with some other machines you have to keep filling very frequently. This is still a basic machine without too many buttons and we can’t see a timer on it for example but the coffee tastes good and no plastic taste like on some other machines. It looks nice in black or silver and black as the second option, is made of solid plastic (not stainless steel at the low price level) and measures 11 x 11.5 x 13.8 inches. You also get a 20-oz. thermal travel mug that is vacuum insulated so you have your warm coffee you can take out or to work and it stays warm for a while, with the silver CM6000BDM model and the instructions manual with both the black and silver models. There is not a lot of maintenance work but it is probably important to clean all parts prior to use by following the steps in the manual which includes running water cycles and the regular “every 120 brews” cleaning with the auto clean alerts. The lack of timer and auto brew is the main thing here so you can’t have it set up so you can wake up to a warm pot of coffee but it doesn’t take too long to make coffee anyway (but slower than Keurig) and the most important thing is coffee tastes good- one of the customers is comparing it to the Keurig machines making coffee with k-cups and taste with this one is apparently better. As you can already tell, the best thing about this coffee machine is that it gives you so much flexibility, is a great hybrid coffee maker for the price and offered with a two year limited warranty by Black and Decker.

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