Basis Peak – Ultimate Fitness and Sleep Tracker 900-00024-01 Review

MyBasis Peak Fitness and Sleep Tracker via Amazon

MyBasis 900-00024-01 Fitness and Sleep Tracker

Basis Peak 900-00024-01 is the Ultimate Fitness and Sleep Tracker- an advanced activity and sleep tracking device that is created for tracking a lot of things and to give you a full picture of your health. If you’re a health conscious person and exercising is an important part of your life you’re already probably aware that you exercise to not only look good but to also feel better overall and be healthier. It is essential to track how much to exercise, plan and achieve better results. Even though Basis Peak is a little bigger than before it is an attractive looking and comfortable watch with soft silicon wrist band with red colour inside the band and feels great around your wrist – doesn’t feel like it will fall off (you have a choice of two colours with this tracker model: Matte black/black and Brushed metal/white).

Basis Peak is actually the first tracking device released since the company- Basis Science was acquired for a reported 100 million dollars. It has an aluminium body, a touchscreen glass protection with gesture recognition, soft silicon straps that are water resistant to 5 ATM and is suitable for swimming and the battery life lasts up to 4 days so battery life is better than before. Wrist straps are detachable and interchangeable so you can customise them with any straps you like but judging by the quality and feel most people probably wouldn’t be likely to change them so soon. With a technology called Body IQ, it is intended to track things like your steps, REM sleep, deep sleep, awake time, overall sleep quality, feedback on sleep duration, your steps, monitoring your heart rate- resting heart rate etc or when you’re walking, running or cycling, body temperature, skin perspiration, body IQ. It tracks your steps and movements or sleep but the automatic tips and coaching function are not available yet- they will be in the future.

Competition is fierce out there for trackers and is bound to get hotter and heavier very soon. We like that heart rate is monitored real-time through your wrist – it is simply put and go type of device and no strap via chest is required. It looks attractive to us but wouldn’t be for some people and the promised features and functions will be available with the future firmware updates. You can have a detailed advanced sleep analysis- even the smallest changes in your routine can help you improve your sleep and avoid toss and turns and sleep quality interruptions, or be more active and burn calories and yo can improve your habits. As a newcomer to the fitness world it has a bunch of new features on top of the old standard sensors Basis or the other fitness trackers had but screen is probably the main feature of this tracker as it has a great brighter touchscreen sensor as compared to the little metal buttons around the edges of the previous MyBasis model.

Basis Peak 900-00024-01 Ultimate Fitness and Sleep TrackerAny info you’d like to see you can also hook it up to your smart phone wirelessly via Bluetooth (able to synch with smart phone via Bluetooth), see different charts and pinpoint specific workout. It is compatible with Android, iOS and web mobile apps and gives you a great user experience (the mobile app design is good but not as good as Jawbone). Whether you’re exercising or at rest you will get advanced readings and a detailed picture of your performance with in-depth data 24 hours 7 days a week. It is kind of a smart watch with new software feature and free feature upgrade.  This newly designed fitness focused waterproof model is certainly not the cheapest fitness and sleep tracker but is clearly one of the best there is on the market- it is a hot piece of hardware that is very easy to use with little to no intervention from the user, with a longer battery life so it will go for days on a single battery. So all in all it is a fitness and sleep tracking watch that we’d highly recommend. In the box you’ll find a set-up guide, a microUSB charging cable, a magnetic cord to connect to the device.

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