Azulle A-1063-AAP-1 Access Plus Mini PC Stick Review

Azulle A-1063-AAP-1 Access Plus Mini PC Stick

Azulle A-1063-AAP-1 Access Plus

Black Azulle A-1063-AAP-1 Access Plus is still the only compact PC stick in the world with an Ethernet port. It also includes a 64-bit Intel quad-core processor, a reasonable amount of memory for multitasking, a fanless passive cooling case design, and other respectable specs and features for its tiny size and low price to let you have access to anything you want. So you have the Intel Cherry Trail T3 Z8300 processor (2M cache) at 1.44GHz speed up to 1.84GHz, 4GB DDR3L SDRAM to run a few browsers and apps and software at the same time, 32GB onboard eMMC flash storage and comes pre-installed with the full version of 64-bit Windows 10 OS that most of us prefer to the previous versions of Windows.

You can surf the net, work with Word or Excel, watch videos or play not so demanding games on the internet- pretty much anything you would do with entry level laptops. You can easily and conveniently move between different programs and the experience will be rather smooth and lag-free most of the time, as long as you’re not running advanced multimedia and engineering programs or heavy and demanding games. Please note that you can just get the stick PC on its own (with the power charger) and you have the option to buy it is a bundle with “Keyboard and Camera” or “Lynk Remote and Camera”, with just keyboard or just Lynk remote or with 2GB memory instead of 4GB. Azulle A-1063-AAP-1 Access Plus weighs only 5.1 ounces with the measurements of 5.5 x 2.36 x 0.76 inches, so it will easily fit in your pocket and you can set it up anywhere. As we mentioned, it includes an Ethernet port with RJ-45 connector for a good wired internet access. It has the same power as the mini compact PC Azulle BytePlus we reviewed before and you may be familiar with.

Azulle A-1063-AAP-1 Access Plus PC

It supports up to 128GB of storage space via the MicroSDXC card slot, comes equipped with a USB 2.0 port, a USB 3.0 port, dual-band 802.11bgn WiFi (2.4 to 5.0GHz) for stable internet connection plus Bluetooth 4.0 to connect to different Bluetooth-enabled peripherals, and an HDMI output to connect to external screens or your HDTV. It can be easily used as an HTPC for streaming Amazon Plus, Netflix etc. while running different Windows apps at the same time. When you take it out of the box and connect to a monitor you will need to do a Windows 10 update but won’t take much time and it should all go smoothly. You’re probably aware that you can not expect too much from it in terms of performance and speed, especially if you are a power user that needs a high-end processor with large amounts of storage, 8-16GB of memory and a good amount of SSD, you won’t find that here and you will need to spend many times more than what this little PC stick costs. This is just a mini PC stick with an Atom Z8300 CPU with a benchmark score of 1201 and 4GB memory that will meet your everyday computing needs without any major lagging or crashing, and offers great value in our opinion.

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