ASUS UX501JW-DH71T(WX) Zenbook Pro 15.6 inch Laptop Review

ASUS UX501JW-DH71T(WX) Zenbook Pro via Amazon

ASUS UX501JW-DH71T(WX) Zenbook Pro 15.6 inch Laptop

ASUS UX501JW-DH71T(WX) Zenbook Pro is a 15.6 inch advanced gaming laptop with the high end features and specs such as the dedicated NVIDIA GTX 960M graphics, the fourth generation Intel i7-4720HQ processor at 2.6GHz speed up to 3.6GHz with turbo boost and hyper threading for four cores to handle eight threads in parallel, 16GB DDR3L SDRAM at 1600MHz to run several demanding tasks and browsers simultaneously and smoothly, 512 GB Solid-State Drive PCIEx4 which is one of the best features of this computer as it will both affect the overall performance in a very positive way and give you a large storage space to save most of your files so you probably won’t need an external drive and the newest Windows 10 operating system pre-installed meaning you will not need to upgrade from the previous Windows 8.1 which can be a slow process. Yes this is a decent gaming laptop but also great for those that want to run their non-gaming tasks smoothly and fast.

15.6 inch 4K Ultra HD glossy touch display has the 3840 x 2160 pixel resolution and IPS panel and a large color gamut composed of 74% Adobe RGB, 100% sRGB and 72% NTSC- very rich colors and enhanced contrast. NVIDIA GTX960M graphics card with 2GB GDDR5 dedicated memory is a high end GPU with modest performance but is boosted with the very capable i7-4720HQ and other high technical specs of the computer and the built-in Intel HD 4600 is more or less equal to GeForce 820M dedicated card in overall performance and is used for those not so demanding graphics tasks to save up on energy usage. Asus Zenbook Pro has a smart look with the aluminium chassis, weighs just 5 pounds with measurements of 10 x 15.10 x 0.80 inches and is slim and lightweight despite being a powerful gaming machine. It comes with a 6-cell lithium ion battery that lasts up to 7 hours on a single charge and has the fast and wide coverage 802.11ac WiFi for better wireless performance than the 802.11bgn, Bluetooth 4.0 for easy wireless connection to Bluetooth enabled devices like speakers, mouse and more, 3 x USB 3.0 ports with up to 10 times quicker data transfer speeds, an HDMI output and a Headphone output/Microphone input combo. It is a little too thin to have a built-in Ethernet port but includes a USB-to-Ethernet (10/100/1000) dongle.

ASUS UX501JW-DH71T(WX) Zenbook Pro

Conclusion: ASUS UX501JW-DH71T(WX) Zenbook Pro is quite a nice gaming computer with amazing picture quality of 4K UHD resolution and IPS panel, great performance levels of a fast processor, very generous amounts of memory and SSD for both the best of multitasking, 5 second boot-up with SSD and the new Windows 10, fast wireless, fast USB 3.0 ports, the way it runs very quietly (no mechanic drive) and stays cool even after hours. Screen is glossy and glass-like just like all the other touch display machines- they will have to be due to the finger pressure on the screen and if glossy is a problem you can always get anti-reflective screen protector and if you don’t use it outdoors in sunlight you’ll be fine. You will get some bloatware pre-installed as well as the trial version of McAfee antivirus and you will need to remove those you don’t need so as to improve performance and you’re better off replacing McAfee with free AVG. It handles majority of games at higher settings and HD or FHD 1080p resolution at more than acceptable frame rates per second. Impressive sound quality is achieved by the SonicMaster Premium and Bang & Olufsen speakers as well as ASUS AudioWizard and ICEsound. With a very high Passmark benchmark score of 8150 even the most demanding programs and the heaviest multitasking will not be a problem at all. So in short we think this premium computer is well worth the higher price tag.

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