ASUS Oculus Certified Gaming Desktop G20CB-WS71 Review

ASUS OculusG20CB-WS71 Certified Gaming Desktop 

ASUS Oculus Certified Gaming Desktop G20CB-WS71

ASUS Oculus G20CB-WS71 is a very powerful certified desktop gaming computer for playing advanced games with the dedicated GTX 980 graphics card or multitasking the most demanding apps and programs as it comes with some of the highest specs- processor, memory and SSD, and if you’re an advanced power user or prefer having the best then you will certainly want to check it out.. It comes with very powerful technical specs like the Intel i7-6700 processor with almost 10,000 Passmark benchmark points at speeds from 3.4 GHz speed up to 4GHz when you need it for the most complex stuff, 16GB DDR4 RAM at 2133MHz for much greater multitasking power for anything you want to run at the same time, a hybrid drive of 1TB SATA mechanical HDD at 7200rpm for storage (faster than 5400rpm machine and works well) if you have a lot of multimedia and standard files plus a 256GB Solid State Drive with superior speed and performance than other SSDs we have seen and the latest pre-installed Windows 10 64-bit operating system.

Certified gaming computer means it is certified for supporting Oculus Rift headset for the best of PC gaming and Virtual Reality. In the box you’ll find a 12.5 liter case as well as a wired red backlit keyboard and a standard mouse combo with clickable wheel and two buttons designed for better gaming and you can choose to get wireless keyboard with a big volume knob you’ll see on photo and mouse if you wish to control the screen from your couch etc. Black and red Asus Oculus has a modern futuristic design and looks quite nice with the nice edges and shape and adjustable LED light, weighs 14 pounds with dimensions of 4.1 x 14.1 x 13.4 inches. NVIDIA GTX 980 graphics card with the most advanced technology and a 4GB DDR5 dedicated memory and with a video card benchmark score of 9780, is in the best top 5 of all video cards and you can do anything you can think of- play the toughest and most demanding latest games and the most demanding multimedia software for the best of visuals. You also have the integrated Intel HD 530 graphics that will be switched to automatically when you are not playing games so the system saves on battery life.

ASUS Oculus Gaming Desktop G20CB-WS71

It comes with a great range of connectivity options including the SuperMulti DVD RW Optical Drive, 802.11ac wireless for faster internet access, Bluetooth 4.0, Gigabit Ethernet, an HDMI output, an older style DVI output, 3DP, 2 x USB 3.0 ports at the front and a total of 6 USB ports at the rear including the 2 x USB 2.0 ports, 2 x USB 3.1 ports and 2 x USB 3.0 ports. As one of the best and most powerful desktops that we’ve reviewed so far, everything about this computer smells quality and despite having all that power and speed it stays very cool with super efficient yet super quiet fans, with the DVD Drive being the least quiet, otherwise the system noise overall is hardly noticeable and we would have liked to see a Blu-Ray Reader as well. It has a very large external power supply unit with dual power plugs and dual adapters that are connected to each other and it is a bit of an eye sore and you will find to hide it somewhere at the back. You will not see much of a third party junkware or trialware except for the anti virus program which you should also remove. To sum it up, you will have no problems with speed and performance when you are playing even the toughest games and everything will run just very smoothly.

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