ASUS K401 14 inch Ultra Slim Full HD Notebook Review

14 inch ASUS K401 Ultra Slim Full HD Laptop

ASUS K401 14 inch Ultra Slim Full HD Laptop

ASUS K401 is a very slim and compact 14 inch laptop as part of the Asus K series with a simplistic yet modern design and great ergonomics, a Full HD display and a dedicated NVIDIA graphics card, longer battery life designed for better performance in your daily and very challenging tasks- very good performance overall in a small and portable package. Technical specs include the ultra low voltage but powerful dual core Broadwell Intel i7-5500U processor (4MB cache) at 2.4GHz speed up to 3GHz speed with turbo and hyper-threading for 4 threads to run in parallel, 8GB DDRL SDRAM (4GB on memory slot and 4GB on board) at 1600MHz for decent multitasking, 750GB SATA hard drive at 5400rpm rotating speed (fast enough but not as fast as SSD or 7200rpm hard drives) and the pre-installed 64-bit Windows 10 operating system. 14 inch non-touch FHD display has the 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution and the NVIDIA GeForce 940M has the dedicated 2GB GDDR3 graphics memory. Silver one piece metal Asus K401 has nicely rounded edges, looks quite sleek and smart, weighs 3.6 pounds and measures 18.4 x 11.4 x 2.6 inches when lid shut- is very portable for those on the go. ASUS IceCool Technology keeps it cool even when you use it for many hours, so the temperature on palmrest will not go above 35 degrees Celcius- what is comfortable for your hands as this is much less than body temperature.

ASUS K401 14 inch Ultra Slim Full HD Laptop

Keyboard is not backlit and doesn’t have a numeric keypad which we think is better once you get used to it and the keys are properly spaced out and good size for you to type comfortably and has a large trackpad without the divided right and left buttons. Half of the 8GB memory is located on the RAM slot and there is no SSD on it but as it includes a 2.5 inch drive that you can use for connecting a fast Solid State Drive with also lower prices these days or you can opt for a larger mechanical drive too. This is a great value lightweight and compact 14 inch laptop with a dedicated graphics card and high technical specs like the fifth generation 2015 release ULV Intel i7 processor with adequate power for daily and demanding, multimedia and Office tasks and longer battery life with a TDP of 15 watts and is probably one of your best options for under 1000 dollars and you can spend some money to upgrade the memory and hard drive to SSD and get a brilliant system for still less than a thousand bucks. Despite having a dedicated GPU this is not designed as a gaming machine and you can play the games of 2015-2016 but at medium settings and regular HD resolution unless very demanding- it also includes the integrated Intel HD 5500 which performs better than Intel HD 4400 and 5000 which makes it more like mid-range as a built-in card. It comes with a year warranty for parts and labor by Asus and decent customer support too.

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