Annke New AHD 720P 8CH Surveillance HVR/DVR/NVR 3 in 1 Security Camera System PU-184FD1T Review

Annke AHD 8CH Camera Security System via Amazon

Annke AHD 720p 8CH Surveillance HVR:DVR:NVR 3 in 1 Security Camera System

Annke PU-184FD1T is a new release AHD- Analog High Definition 8 channel DVR with 720p HD security camera at the entry level low price point of surveillance systems but still offering good quality high definition videos and images. You may use it in three different modes of DVR, NVR and HVR as it is an advanced HVR package and you will still get high definition video in whichever of these three selectable recording modes you use. It is good for both domestic and office use and with 4 x (1280 x 720 pixel resolution) AHD-M analog cameras while it allows you to view on Full HD 1080p resolution screens via the HDMI port but also at regular resolutions with the VGA port.

Judging by customer reviews online, you will find that despite being a budget security system with an analog connection, it comes with cameras that offer great quality clearer and sharper image whether it is a well-lit or a darker area. It is very easy to install both the cameras and the main DVR and via the HDMI output you can connect the system to your HDTV or an advanced monitor and is very easy to use without even needing to call the customer support. You may want to use the mouse provided for having better control of things than the remote which is also provided. Then you have the AC adapter, you set up the four cameras and the ethernet cable for networking purposes. HDMI cable is not included in the package (nor is VGA), you might want to get a good quality one for better viewing on your HDTV or external monitor. It gives you convenient remote access through your tablet or mobile phone with the QR Code Scan- what you do is to install the Android, iPad or iPhone apps for free with the QR scan easily and get the chance to keep everything in check at your home or office from wherever you may be.

Annke New AHD 720P 8CH Surveillance HVR:DVR:NVR 3 in 1 Security Camera SystemYou will find the Annke AHD 8CH 720p DVR, 4 x 720p cameras and camera cables with special design, a mouse, a remote, 2 x power supplies and a user guide in the box. Cameras have the IR cut filters for precise and vivid colours and clear images, they are weatherproof and perfectly suitable for monitoring day or night time and you will get clear picture at up to 100 feet distance and day or night you will see the fine details like you would on much more expensive systems. One of the customers had a problem with the QR code to install the mobile app but this is not like to be a common problem as we have not seen on other reviews so far. This is not a wireless system and you’ll need to use the special wires provided to hook up the cameras. Sure it is not perfect and can’t be at this low price point and there are better image quality systems with more features you may or may not need at a much higher price but if you do not want to spend too much or go over your budget, this one certainly seems to offer a lot for the money, is a very solid security camera system in terms of design, functionality, ease of use and features including motion detection, alerts, setting up a time for recording and you may choose to get the option with 1TB hard drive storage included or without and have the flexibility to add your own storage.

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