Allavino FlexCount Classic Series 174-Bottle Single Zone Wine Fridge, YHWR174-1SWRN Review

Allavino FlexCount Classic Series 174-Bottle Single Zone Wine Fridge, YHWR174-1SWRN

Allavino FlexCount Classic Series 174 Bottle Single Zone Wine Refrigerator

Allavino YHWR174-1SWRN FlexCount is a large 174-bottle capacity, sleek and modern, single zone wine fridge that was recently released as part of their Classic series. You have the option to get it with the right hinge or left hinge door to open it from left or right and in stainless steel or black colors. Both the stainless steel and black options have the sleek black cabinet and only the door frame color is different.

This is a high-end wine refrigerator with a variety of useful high-end features like the wooden shelves that slide out and a powerful state-of-the-art compressor. This great compressor makes sure your wine bottles are stored at their optimal temperatures without any significant variations in temperature. It cools down very fast with the cool air circulating throughout the interior and there are no hot spots. Thanks to its very smart and modern design it also offers you great power efficiency, meeting the guidelines of California Department of Energy, saving you on energy bills while it does the job of cooling very efficiently.

Allavino FlexCount Classic Series 174 Bottle Single Zone Wine Fridge

It has an electronic intuitive control panel with push buttons, that lets you turn the soft blue lights on and off, select Fahrenheit or Celcius, adjust the temperature with the up and down arrows in one-degree increments. And there is the temperature display that shows both the current temperature and what you punch in during the adjustments so you know if the fridge is doing well.

Allavino Wine Fridge weighs 245 pounds and measures 76.5 x 23.75 x 27 inches, and 28.75 inches with the handle, so it is quite large and heavy. It has a beautifully sleek and stylish design and is easy on the eyes so you can use it as a free standing or standalone unit or as built into the cabinet with the front ventilation. Both have the beautiful sturdy and solid wooden shelves that slide out easily and hundred percent on the telescoping rollers so you have easy access to the bottles at the back without pushing the ones at the front.

And these shelves act like a nice cradle so your wines are not affected by any bad vibrations and the sediments will not be disturbed in the long run. Only the bottom shelf doesn’t slide out and both the bottom and the top shelves offer almost twice as much storage capacity as the other shelves. The blue LED lights let you see the contents of the fridge without opening the door and offers a nice look in the dark. With the 115 Volts of voltage, it is suitable for use in the United States and Canada. This is not a product with a budget price but appears to be good value for the dollar.

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