Allavino FlexCount Classic 348 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cellar Refrigerator, 2X-YHWR174-1SW Review

fAllavino FlexCount Classic 348 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cellar

Allavino FlexCount Classic 2X-YHWR174-1SW Wine Cellar

Allavino FlexCount Classic 2X-YHWR174-1SW is a two-zone wine cellar fridge with a 348 regular size and shape bottle capacity, a sophisticated and elegant design and stainless steel opposite hinged doors next to each other.

This is quite a convenient and functional high-end cooling unit to own if you have a large collection of different wines as a wine enthusiast. It has a modern design- a black cabinet with tinted UV protected double pane glass with brushed stainless steel frames and two stainless steel curved handles (towel bars are also included).

The cool blue LED lights that you can turn on and off through the digital display panels are a nice addition to the surrounding decor for picking the wine of your choice without needing to open the doors. You can easily see and have access the bottles at the rear without taking the front bottles out. There are two zones that are controlled independently so you can put your white bottles in one and the red in the other and store them in the optimal conditions.

You can precisely set the temperatures in 1-degree increments between 40 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit in both sections, so it is up to you where to put your whites and reds. Please note that white and red wines have different aging characteristics and you do need to store them at different temps. You’ll find a total of thirty robust and elegant wooden shelves that slide out easily on full-extension telescoping rollers- fifteen on each side. These special beveled shelf slats cradle the wine bottle gently, so the vibrations are reduced significantly and the sediments in wine bottles will not be disturbed. Allavino FlexCount Classic Wine Fridge 2X-YHWR174-1SW

The FlexCount Classic can be used as a built-in or standalone unit as it comes with front ventilation and is nice to look at as a fully finished sleek black cabinet when placed out in the open. If you built it into your cabinetry, you will only be able to see the glass doors with stainless steel frame and the toe kicks. Please note that the hinged doors are not reversible so they’ll stay as they are and the two units will sit side by side.

There are two distinct, easily accessible and individually controlled clear digital LED temp display on each side with temperature up and down arrows, Celsius/Fahrenheit converter and light push buttons. When you set the temperature using the up and down arrows, you will see the set temp when adjusting and then the current temp.

It has a high-end state-of-the-art compressor for powerful cooling (115V/60Hz, 2.4 Amps), automatic defrost and internal fans that push the cool air efficiently. It will not be a big burden on your energy bills despite its large size and meets the strict guidelines of California Department of Energy. You can also choose to turn off the appliance power by pushing a simple button. Both the left and right sections include security locks to help protect your precious collection from theft.

Allavino FlexCount Classic weighs 490 pounds and measures 76.5 x 47.5 x 27 inches- one of the highest cabinets on the market. The handles add another 1.75 inches to the depth. The 348 bottle capacity is for the regular sized bottles with a diameter of three inches. If they only have larger diameters you’ll be able to fit in less number of bottles and you can always remove shelves if you will be putting in larger bottles. It is for indoor domestic use only, and not for commercial, garage or outdoor use. FlexCount Classic is not cheap by any means and is good for those that want one of the best out there for their wine collections.

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